Services Overview

Acurite uses AISC, NISD Detailing for Steel Construction as our basic guidelines for procedure and practices. We also have in-house policy and procedures for basic model and drawing practices. At this point in time we use Tekla Structures for preparing part, shop and general arrangement drawings. We also produce dxf files and nc1 files and have the ability to export many other reports to interface with all leading Shop management software.

Our Process

It is our policy that someone other than the person working on the job must check the model against the contract documents and received RFI’s before any drawings are prepared. Once this is completed, General Arrangement drawings are prepared and checked against the contract documents by someone other than the first checker. 

If mistakes are found, they are corrected in the model and shop drawings are prepared for approval. At this point the General Arrangement and shop drawings are checked again. If mistakes are found they are corrected. The drawings are then submitted for approval with the date and checkers initials in the title block area of the drawing. At this point we usually give the fabricator the advanced Bill of Materials, Advanced bolt list and any other lists they may require along with a transmittal letter.

When redline markups are received, they are reviewed by the detailer on that project and a meeting of two or more people is formed to discuss any problems that will occur from the markup. If there are problems, the fabricator is notified in writing with an RFI. If no problems are presented drawing cleanup is performed and the drawings are once again checked against the redline markup. The checker dates and initials the drawings and marks the drawing with a new revision that will issue for fabrication. At this point, individual part drawings are made and checked along with a cut list, bolt list, field bolt placement list and any other lists the fabricator requires.

A transmittal letter is generated listing all the drawings issued for fabrication, construction and any drawings on hold due to field issues. These are then delivered to the fabricator.